How to Add Python to Windows Path?

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In this post, you will learn how to add python to windows path. We will briefly talk about two ways to accomplish this. Let’s get started.

By installing recent version of Python on Windows –

One of the easiest way to add python to windows path is by installing latest version of python. When you install python, please check the box which says Add python.exe to PATH

First go to python website – Click here to visit and click on the download button. This will start the downloading python.

Once downloaded, run the python.exe file to start the installation process. As soon as the installation process starts, you will see this screen.

Here, select the check box which says Add python.exe to PATH as shown above. Doing this will automatically add python to windows path. Go ahead and complete the installation.

Manually Adding Python to Windows Path –

For some reasons, if you want to stick with your version of python that is already installed, then you can add the python to windows path manually.

First step is to find out where python is located.

How to find location of python on windows?

  1. In windows search type python.
  2. Right click on the python app and select open file location.
  3. Copy the location of the python as shown below.

We need this path when setting the environment variable.

Set Python Path using Environment Variable –

We can get to the Path Environment Variable by searching on windows search. Type Advanced System Setting. This will open a dialog box.

click on Environment Variables. This will open another dialog box as shown below. Here under User variable at the top, select the Path variable and click on edit. This will open another dialog box. Here click on new and add the python path that we found earlier.

Click on OK Then again ok, ok to exit the dialog box.

Now Open the command Prompt and type python.

If you successfully added the python to windows path then you should see this screen.

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