SQL Interview Questions –

  1. consecutive numbers
  2. Delete Duplicate Emails
  3. Nth Highest Salary
  4. Second Highest Salary
  5. Department Top Three Salaries
  6. Employees Earning More Than Their Managers
  7. Customers Who Never Order
  8. Rank Scores
  9. Rising Temperature
  10. Game Play Analysis I
  11. Game Play Analysis II
  12. Game Play Analysis III
  13. Game Play Analysis IV
  14. Employee Bonus
  15. Median Employee Salary
  16. Managers with at Least 5 Direct Reports.
  17. Count Student Number in Departments
  18. Find Customer Referee
  19. Customer Placing the Largest Number of Orders
  20. Consecutive Available Seats
  21. Exchange Seats
  22. Human Traffic of Stadium
  23. Swap Salary
  24. Triangle Judgement
  25. Not Boring Movies
  26. Shortest Distance in a Line
  27. Shortest Distance in a Plane
  28. Tree Node
  29. Customers Who Bought All Products
  30. Pivot Table with Text data.
  31. Average Salary: Departments VS Company
  32. Overall Acceptance Rate
  33. Product sales analysis
  34. Project Employees II
  35. Project Employees III
  36. Sales Analysis II
  37. Sales Analysis III
  38. New Users Daily Count
  39. Highest Grade For Each Students
  40. Active Businesses
  41. Article Views
  42. Market Analysis I
  43. Product Price at a Given Date
  44. Immediate Food Delivery
  45. Reformat Department Table
  46. Monthly Transactions
  47. Last Person to Fit in the Bus
  48. Queries Quality and Percentage
  49. Team Scores in Football Tournament
  50. Average Selling Price
  51. Page Recommendation
  52. Students and Examinations
  53. Weather Type in Each Country
  54. Find the Team Size
  55. Running Total For Different Genders
  56. Restaurant Growth
  57. Ads Performance
  58. List the Products Ordered in a Period
  59. Movie Rating
  60. Students With Invalid Departments
  61. Activity Participants
  62. Number of Trusted Contacts of a Customer
  63. Get the Second Most Recent Activity
  64. Replace Employee ID With The Unique Identifier
  65. Capital Gain and Loss
  66. Customers Who Bought Products A and B but Not C
  67. Top Travelers
  68. Evaluate Boolean Expression
  69. Apples and Oranges
  70. Calculate Salaries
  71. Sales by Day of the Week
  72. Group Sold Products By The Date
  73. Friendly Movies Streamed Last Month
  74. Countries You Can Safely Invest In
  75. Customer Order Frequency
  76. Patients with a Condition
  77. The Most Recent Three Orders
  78. Fix Product Name Format
  79. The Most Recent Orders for Each Product
  80. Bank Account Summary
  81. Unique Orders and Customers Per Month
  82. Warehouse Manager
  83. Customer Who Visited but Did Not Make Any Transactions
  84. Bank Account Summary II
  85. The Most Frequently Ordered Products for Each Customer
  86. Sellers With No Sales
  87. Find the Missing IDs
  88. Percentage of Users Attended a Contest
  89. Average Time of Process per Machine
  90. Fix Names in a Table
  91. Product’s Worth Over Invoices
  92. Invalid Tweets
  93. Daily Leads and Partners
  94. Number of Calls Between Two Persons
  95. Count Apples and Oranges
  96. Find Followers Count
  97. The Number of Employees Which Report to Each Employee
  98. Find Total Time Spent by Each Employee
  99. Leetflex Banned Accounts
  100. Recyclable and Low Fat Products
  101. Product’s Price for Each Store
  102. Grand Slam Titles
  103. Primary Department for Each Employee
  104. Rearrange Products Table
  105. Find Interview Candidates
  106. Find Customers With Positive Revenue this Year
  107. Maximum Transaction Each Day
  108. Suspicious Bank Accounts
  109. Convert Date Format
  110. Orders With Maximum Quantity Above Average
  111. Calculate Special Bonus
  112. Group Employees of the Same Salary
  113. The Latest Login in 2020
  114. Page Recommendations II
  115. Count Salary Categories
  116. Confirmation Rate
  117. Users That Actively Request Confirmation Messages
  118. Strong Friendship
  119. Maximum Number of Common Followers
  120. Employees With Missing Information
  121. First and Last Call On the Same Day
  122. Employees Whose Manager Left the Company
  123. Find Cutoff Score for Each School
  124. Seniors and Juniors to Join the Company
  125. Seniors and Juniors to Join the Company II
  126. Number of Accounts That Did Not Stream
  127. Accepted Candidates From the Interviews
  128. Top 3 Products

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