20 Sure Signs Your Ex is Never Coming Back

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After a breakup, it’s natural to wonder if there’s a chance for reconciliation or if the relationship is truly over. While every situation is unique, there are certain signs that can indicate your ex is not coming back. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 20 sure signs that your ex has moved on and is unlikely to return.

1. No Contact

If your ex has cut off all communication and has not reached out to you since the breakup, this is a strong indication that they have no interest in rekindling the relationship.

2. They’ve Blocked You on Social Media

When an ex blocks you on social media platforms, it’s a clear sign that they want to sever ties and move on from the relationship.

3. They’re in a New Relationship

If your ex is in a new, serious relationship shortly after your breakup, it’s a sign that they have moved on and are not looking to reconcile with you.

4. They’ve Moved Away

Physical distance can be a significant barrier to rekindling a relationship. If your ex has moved to another city or country, the chances of them coming back are slim.

5. They’re Not Interested in Mutual Friends

If your ex has stopped engaging with mutual friends or attending social events where you might be present, this could indicate that they are moving on and don’t want to cross paths with you.

6. They Don’t Talk About You

When your ex no longer mentions you in conversations with friends or family members, it’s a sign that they have moved on and are not dwelling on the past.

7. They’ve Returned Your Belongings

Returning personal items is a symbolic act of closure, indicating that your ex is severing ties and moving forward without you.

8. They’re Focused on Personal Growth

If your ex is focused on their own personal growth and self-improvement after the breakup, it’s a sign that they are looking to move on and build a better future without you.

9. They Avoid Places You Used to Frequent Together

When your ex avoids places that hold memories of your time together, it’s a sign that they are trying to distance themselves from the past and move on.

10. They Don’t React to Your Attempts to Reconnect

If you’ve reached out to your ex and they’ve ignored your messages or responded coldly, it’s a clear indication that they are not interested in reestablishing contact or rekindling the relationship.

11. They’ve Stopped Initiating Contact

If your ex used to reach out to you regularly but has stopped initiating contact, it’s a sign that they are moving on and no longer interested in keeping in touch.

12. Their Friends and Family Stop Communicating with You

When your ex’s friends and family members stop reaching out to you or engaging with you on social media, it’s a sign that they have moved on and are supporting your ex’s decision to end the relationship.

13. They Express Happiness with Their Life Without You

If your ex communicates that they are happy and content with their life after the breakup, it’s a strong indication that they are not looking to reconcile.

14. They’ve Made Significant Life Changes

When your ex makes significant life changes, such as switching jobs, starting new hobbies, or pursuing new interests, it’s a sign that they are focusing on building a new life without you.

15. They Don’t Show Jealousy

If your ex doesn’t exhibit any signs of jealousy when they learn about your new relationships or experiences, it’s a sign that they are not emotionally invested in the possibility of getting back together.

16. They Don’t Seek Your Advice or Support

If your ex used to rely on you for advice or support but has stopped reaching out for help, it’s a sign that they no longer view you as a confidant and are moving on from the relationship.

17. They’ve Changed Their Appearance

A significant change in appearance, such as a new hairstyle, clothing style, or weight loss, can indicate that your ex is focusing on reinventing themselves and moving on from the past.

18. They’re Not Nostalgic About the Relationship

If your ex doesn’t reminisce about the good times you shared together or express any longing for the past, it’s a sign that they have accepted the breakup and are not looking to rekindle the relationship.

19. They’ve Stopped Asking About Your Well-Being

When your ex stops inquiring about your well-being or showing concern for your life, it’s an indication that they are emotionally detaching themselves from the relationship.

20. They Make It Clear They Don’t Want to Get Back Together

If your ex has explicitly told you that they don’t want to get back together, it’s essential to respect their wishes and accept that the relationship has come to an end.


Recognizing the signs that your ex is not coming back can be a difficult and painful process, but it’s crucial for your own healing and personal growth. By acknowledging these signs and accepting the end of the relationship, you can begin to move forward and focus on building a new life for yourself. Remember, closure is an important part of the healing process, and understanding that your ex is not coming back allows you to let go of the past and open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences.

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