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Ego is the Enemy

The Fight to Master Our Greatest Opponent

“Ego is the Enemy” is a book written by Ryan Holiday and published in 2016. The book explores the idea that ego is a destructive force that can undermine our success, relationships, and personal growth. It provides examples from history, philosophy, and contemporary culture to illustrate how ego can hold us back and provides practical advice on how to overcome it.

The book is divided into three parts: “Aspire,” “Success,” and “Failure.” In the first part, “Aspire,” Holiday argues that when we start out on a new endeavor, we need to check our ego at the door. We need to be humble and recognize that we have much to learn. He encourages readers to adopt a student mindset, to focus on learning rather than being the expert. Holiday reminds us that “we must be humble if we want to learn,” and that ego can blind us to our shortcomings.

In the second part of the book, “Success,” Holiday explores how ego can become a problem when we start to achieve success. He warns that success can feed our ego, leading us to believe that we are invincible and that we don’t need to listen to others. Holiday stresses that success is not permanent and that we need to stay humble and continue to learn in order to maintain it. He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining strong relationships and staying connected to our roots, as they can keep us grounded and remind us of our values.

In the final part of the book, “Failure,” Holiday argues that failure is an essential part of growth and that our ego can make it difficult for us to learn from our mistakes. He encourages readers to embrace failure, to view it as an opportunity to learn and grow, and to avoid blaming others or making excuses. He also emphasizes the importance of resilience and perseverance, encouraging readers to keep going even when things get tough.

Throughout the book, Holiday provides numerous examples of individuals who have been held back by their egos, including historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and contemporary celebrities like Kanye West. He also shares stories of individuals who have been able to overcome their egos and achieve success, such as General George Marshall and the philosopher Epictetus.

Overall, “Ego is the Enemy” is a thought-provoking and practical guide to overcoming the ego and achieving success. It provides insights from history, philosophy, and contemporary culture, and encourages readers to adopt a humble, student mindset in order to achieve their goals. By emphasizing the importance of learning, staying grounded, and embracing failure, Holiday provides a roadmap for personal growth and success.

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Ryan Holiday is an American author, media strategist, and bookstore owner. He’s also the host of the Daily Stoic podcast. His other books include The Daily Stoic, Stillness is the Key, and Courage is Calling.

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