HTML Basics

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What is HTML?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a standard markup language for creating web pages. The first version of HTML was written by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993. HTML describes the structure of a web page. HTML elements tells the browser how to display the content of a web page. People mostly use HTML with two other programming language like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and javascript.

How to Write HTML code ?

To write HTML code you need a text editor. Microsoft Vscode is one of the most popular text editor used by many web developers in the world. Let’s see how to install it.

Install Vscode for HTML-

  1. First go to the official website of vscode – click here to visit.
  2. Then click on the download button as shown in the figure below.

This will download an .exe file.

3. Double click on the exe file to start the installation process. Then accept the agreement and click Next to install it.

Writing HTML code –

Now, Open vscode and create a new file by clicking on the new file icon. Then Name the file as index.html

After that write or copy the following code in that file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <h1>Hello World! </h1>
        <p>I am learning HTML.</p>


And save it by pressing ctrl + s if you are on windows or cmd + s if you are on mac.

We used <!DOCTYPE html> to tell the browser what kind of file it is. Then we used the <html> .. </html> tag to write all our html code inside this tag. Then we used the the <body> </body> tag. All the content inside the body tag gets displayed in the browser. Then we wrote a heading and a paragraph inside the body.

Viewing the HTML file in the Browser –

Now double click on the html file that we created to open it in default web browser. Or right click and select open with to open in any other browser of your choice. You will see the following output.

Here you have it. In our upcoming posts we will describe more about how to create webpages with HTML. So make sure to subscribe below to get the latest updates.

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