How to Round Time Values in Excel?

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In this post, you will learn how to round time values in excel.

Rounding time values –

It’s often necessary to round time to a particular increment. For instance, if you’re a con-
sultant, you may always want to round time up to the next 15-minute increment or down to
30-minute increments.

Figure below demonstrates how you can round to 15- and 30-minute increments.

The formula in cell E4 is as follows:


The formula in cell F4 is as follows:


You can round a time value to the nearest hour by multiplying the time by 24, passing that
value to the ROUNDUP function, and then dividing the result by 24. For instance, this for-
mula would return 7:00:00 AM:


To round up to 15-minute increments, you simply divide 24 by 0.25 (a quarter). This formula
would return 6:30:00 AM:


To round down to 30-minute increments, divide 24 by 0.5 (a half). This formula would
return 6:00:00 AM:


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