Calculate the Percent of Year completed and remaining in Excel?

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In this post you will learn how to calculate the percent of year completed and remaining in Excel.

Calculating the percent of year completed and remaining –

When building Excel reports and dashboards, oftentimes it’s beneficial to calculate the per-
cent of the year that has elapsed and what percent remains. These percentages can be used
in other calculations or simply as a notification for your audience.

Figure below shows a sample of this concept. Note in the Formula bar that we are using the
YEARFRAC function.

The YEARFRAC function simply requires a start date and an end date. Once it has those two
variables, it calculates the fraction of the year representing the number of days between
the start date and end date.


To get the percent remaining, as shown in cell C7 of the above Figure , simply subtract 1 from the YEARFRAC formula:


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