How to Read a Pickle File in Pandas?

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To read a Pickle file in Pandas we use the read_pickle() function.

Syntax –

pd.read_pickle(path, compression='infer')

Parameters –

  • path – path to the pickle file
  • compression – For on-the-fly decompression of on-disk data. If ‘infer’ and ‘filepath_or_buffer’ is path-like, then detect compression from the following extensions: ‘.gz’, ‘.bz2’, ‘.zip’, ‘.xz’, or ‘.zst’ (otherwise no compression). If using ‘zip’, the ZIP file must contain only one data file to be read in. Set to None for no decompression.

Examples –

Let’s read a pickle file using the read_pickle() function in pandas.

# read a pickle file
df = pd.read_pickle('clothing_store_sales.pkl')

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