How to Get Help in Python ?

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When we don’t know how to use a particular feature in Python, we can use the help mode provided by python. To enter into the help mode type help() at python prompt (i.e. >>> prompt).

Now, we can type modules to see which modules are available in python. We can type topics to know about topics in Python.

Let’s type topics at the help prompt.

Let’s say we want to know about dictionaries, we can Type DICTIONARIES in capital letters in the help window to get help.

To quit from the help mode, we should simply press the Enter button once again without typing anything. A message appears that we are leaving the help mode and then we arrive at the python prompt i.e. >>>.

We can also view help without entering the help mode. Viewing help is possible at the python Prompt. We can use the help() command and inside the parentheses type the item name in single quotes. For example to get help on the print function, we can type help(‘print’) as shown below.

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