How to Check if a Pandas DataFrame is Empty ?

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To check if a Pandas DataFrame is empty, we use the DataFrame.empty property. If a DataFrame is empty then True is returned and if a DataFrame is not empty then False is returned.

Empty DataFrame –

Let’s create an Empty DataFrame.

import pandas as pd

# create an empty dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame()

# check if empty or not

Since the DataFrame is empty, the DataFrame.empty property returns True.

Non-Empty DataFrame –

Let’s create a DataFrame that is not empty.

# create a non-empty dataframe
df = pd.DataFrame({'Name':['Mike','Eleven','Dustin','Max','Lucas'],
                  'Marks':[80, 95, 70, 85, 80]})

# check if it is empty or not

Since the DataFrame is not empty, we get False as a answer.

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