mkdir command – How to Create a Directory or Folder in Linux?

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mkdir command –

The mkdir command is used to create a Directory or Folder inside the current working directory. The mkdir command stands for “make directory”. It takes in a directory name as an argument and then creates a new directory in the current working directory.

Let’s print our current working directory using the pwd command.


At this moment we are inside the workspace directory.

Let’s say I want to create a new directory called scripts inside our current working directory. To do that we will write

mkdir scripts

We can see now there is a new directory scripts inside the workspace directory.

Now, Let’s say you want to create a new directory called python inside the scripts directory. One solution would be first go to the scripts directory using the cd command and then use the mkdir python command to create it. But let’s say we don’t want to do that. Instead we want to create the python directory from the workspace directory with a single command.

We can do this by typing the command

mkdir scripts/python

Now we can see there is a python directory inside the scripts directory.

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