How to Convert a List to String in Python?

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Problem –

You want to convert a list to string in Python.

Solution –

To convert a list to a string in python, we can use the str.join() method. The str.join() method returns a string by joining all the elements of a iterable separated by a string separator.

syntax –


Examples –

In [1]: lst = ['Python', 'is', 'awesome']

In [2]: ''.join(lst)
Out[2]: 'Pythonisawesome'

In [3]: ' '.join(lst)
Out[3]: 'Python is awesome'

To convert the elements of the lists that are not string, we need to first convert them to a string before joining them.

In [4]: # using list comprehension

In [5]: lst2 = [1, 2, 3]

In [6]: ''.join([str(element) for element in lst2])
Out[6]: '123'

In [7]: # using map function

In [8]: ''.join(map(str, lst2))
Out[8]: '123'

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