How to Create a Tree Map in Tableau

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In this post you will learn How to create a Tree map in Tableau.

Tree Map –

A tree map is a visualization that nests rectangles in hierarchies so you can compare
different dimension combinations across one or two measures (one for size; one for
color) and quickly interpret their respective contributions to the whole. For Tree map you need 1 or more dimensions and 1 or 2 measures.

To create a Tree map first select Sub-category and then press CTRL key and select Sales. Then click on Show me card at top right corner and select Tree map.

The bigger the square and darker the color the higher is the sales. We can see that phones and chairs has the highest sales. And supplies, Art and some other sub-categories which is not visible has the lowest sales.

In this tree map you can also add other measures. Let’s drag and drop Profit to the color marks card.

If you look at the above figure, you can see that although Copiers has low sales compared to phones but the profit is higher in Copiers than Phones.

You can also add dimensions to the tree map. Let’s remove the profit and drag and drop Category to colors.

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