How to Create a Scatter Plot in Tableau

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In this post, you will learn how to create a scatter plot in Tableau.

Scatter Plot –

A scatter plot is used to show relationship between two numerical variables. To create a scatter plot in tableau first drag and drop Sales to Columns Shelf and Profit to Rows Shelf.

At this moment you will only see a single point which show intersection of sum of sales and profit. To create the scatter plot we need to decide the level of details for our analysis. Let’s say we want to see the scatter chart based on customers. So drag and drop Customer name field to detail Marks card.

A scatter plot has been drawn. Now if you hover over any data point on the scatter plot you will the name of the customer and how much sales and profit comes from that customer. You can also add reference line for more deeper analysis. Right click on x and y axis and select Add reference line.

Now the plot has been sub divided into 4 quadrant.

Top Left quadrant – shows high profit low sales customers

Top right quadrant – shows high profit high sales customers

Bottom left quadrant – shows low profit low sales customers

Bottom right quadrant – show low profit high sales customers

We can also add other dimensions and measures to the plot. Let’s segment the data by category. Drag and drop Category to color Marks card.

And drag and drop quantity to size marks card.

So far we did the analysis based on customers. But let’s say you want to do the analysis based on sub-category. First clean the sheet. Then drag and drop profit to rows and sales to columns shelf. Then drag and drop sub-category to detail marks card.

Now the analysis has been done based on sub-category. If you hover over any point on the plot, it will show you the sub-category that it belongs to and the sales and profit for that sub-category.

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