How to Create a Histogram in Tableau

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In this post you will learn How to create a Histogram in Tableau.

Histogram –

A histogram is a visual representation of a frequency distribution. It is a simple way to effectively illustrate the number of values that fall into each class interval

To create a Histogram in Tableau, first select a measure. In our case let’s select the quantity measure then click on show me card and select the Histogram option.

To change the bin size right click on quantity(bin) in the left hand side and select edit.

Now change the size of bins from 1.77 to 3 and click ok.

Now, if you change the tick marks on the x-axis, right click on the x-axis and select Edit Axis. Then go to the Tick Marks Tab. In the Major Tick Marks select fixed and set Tick interval to 3.

The final figure will look like this.

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