How to Make a Dual Axis Combination Chart in Tableau

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In this post you will learn How to create a Dual Axis combination Chart in Tableau.

Dual-Axis Combination Chart –

Dual Axis combination charts or combo charts are an effective chart type for showing related information in one chart. A dual axis chart is used to show 2 Y-axis sharing 1 common X-axis.

How to Create a Dual-Axis Combination Chart in Tableau ?

To create a dual-axis combination chart first drag and drop Sub-category field to Columns Shelf and Sales field to Rows shelf.

For the dual axis drag and drop Profit field to Rows shelf.

Now to Convert this chart to Dual axis, right click on Profit and select Dual axis.

Now click on SUM(Sales) in the Marks card on the left and from the drop-down select Bar. And at the top select entire view to make the graph little bigger.

Now we can see that although we have good amount of sales in Tables but we are not making any profit from it as profit is in negative. Same goes for Bookcases and supplies.

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