How to Create Interactive Filters in Tableau

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In our previous post, we learned how to create and use filters in Tableau. In this post you will learn how to create and use interactive filters.

Interactive Filters –

Let’s first create a Horizontal Bar chart to illustrate it. Drag and drop Category then sub-category to Rows and then drop sales to Columns.

Now, Let’s say we want to filter the chart based on category. To do that on the data Tab in the left, right click on Category and select show filter.

This will add a filter to the right hand side of the chart at the top.

Now, suppose I want to only select the furniture and Technology category. To do that first deselect All then only select these two categories.

To select all the categories again, just select the All option.

By default, Tableau show a checkbox list when we add an interactive filter. But you can also choose other types like drop-down menu or radio buttons etc. To do that click on drop-down button in category at the top right hand side and select single value list. This will create a radio button for selection.

To create a dropdown menu select single value (dropdown).

You can also show Multiple value, just select Multiple value (dropdown)

Adding Multiple Interactive Filters –

You can also add multiple interactive filters that are connected together. To illustrate this click on sub-category on the left and select show filter.

Now we have two filters. Now if I deselect all and only select the Furniture and Technology then sub-category only related to these two category should be show.

We can see that Office supplies has been removed from the filters as well as from the chart.

Note – If for some reasons both the filters are not connected automatically then click on the little dropdown menu in the sub-category and from there select the option only Relevant values.

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