How to Create a Highlight Table in Tableau

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Highlight Table –

In highlight table we visualize data in a table with the help of color. The higher the value of something, darker the color of that particular cell. To create a Highlight Table we need one or more dimensions and exactly one measure (the color).

1 . Make a crosstab of data

The first step in making a highlight table is to create a crosstab of data. Let’s drag and drop sub-category to Rows and Order Date to columns. Then right click on Order Date and select Month. Then Drag and drop Sales to Text Marks card.

2 . Color the numbers by Sales –

The second step is to color the numbers by sales. Drag and drop sales to color Marks card.

3 . Create a Highlight Table by changing the Mark Type –

The last step is to convert the Mark type from Automatic to Square shown with red arrow.

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