How to Use Label in Tableau

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Label –

Label in Tableau is used to add mark labels or text to the visualization.

Let’s create a Bar Chart and see how to use label. Drag and Drop Category to Columns and Sales to Rows.

If you look at the above chart you can see that sales for Technology category is more than 800k but it is hard to know the exact amount on the graph.

To see the actual sales amount we can use the Label. Drag and drop Sales to Label in the Marks card.

Now, I know the sales for Technology is $836,154.

Now let’s create a line chart. Drag and Drop Order Date to columns and Sales to Rows.

Again it is hard to know the exact amount. So let’s add labels to this chart. Drag and drop sales to Label.

Now, It is much easier to understand. We can add more labels to this chart. Let’s also add profit to label.

Now Profit is also visible but it is hard to understand which value belong to sales and which one belongs to Profit. To solve this problem we can again use the label.

Click on Label, it will open a dialog box. Then click on Text.

Now inside the Edit label, you can write additional text to highlight which one is sales and which one is profit like this.

Now Click on Apply, then ok.

There are various other options that you can try like Font and Alignment of the Text.

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