How to Use Color in Marks Card in Tableau

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Color –

The color in Marks card is used to change the colors of the marks in the view. You can use color in various ways to draw insights and make your chart more beautiful.

Let’s see how to use it. Let’s first create a Horizontal Bar Chart. Drag and Drop sub-category to Rows and Sales to Columns.

At this moment the Bars looks Blue. Let’s say that I want to change the color of the bars from blue to green. To do that click on color in Marks card and select the green color.

Let’s say I want to visualize which sub-category belongs to which category. I can do that using the color. Drag and drop Category to color.

Now, I can see that Accessories belongs to Technology and Chairs belongs to Furniture.

Let’s create a Line chart and see how to use color in line chart.

Drag and drop Order date to columns and Profit to Rows.

Now, I can create a Multiple Line chart using the color. Drag and Drop Category to color.

We can also use color in Maps. Let’s say you want to find out which states in USA in more profitable. Double click on State to create a Map.

Now Drag and Drop Profit to color.

We can see that New York And California is Most Profitable and Texas in least Profitable.

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