Which Tableau Product You should Buy ?

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There are many versions of Tableau Software and sometimes It can be very confusing to decide which Tableau Product you should buy. In this post, you will learn the differences between various Tableau Product and understand which product is best suitable for you.

Different Products From Tableau –

1 . Tableau Desktop: Personal –

Tableau Desktop is the entry level Paid version of Tableau. It allows you to keep your workbooks private but the number of connections and sharing options are limited. This product is suitable for people who wants to keep their work private and needed a cost effective solution.

2 . Tableau Desktop: Professional –

The Tableau Desktop Professional is similar to the Personal version. Both provides same development capabilities but the Professional Version provides full access to every data types and distribution that is available in Tableau. Apart from connecting to flat files, this product is suitable for people who wants to connect to data in databases and needs capabilities to publish to Tableau Server.

3 . Tableau Reader –

Tableau Reader is a free version from Tableau which let’s you open and interact with workbooks created in Tableau. It is only used for interacting with charts but not developing them. It is much like PDF viewer that let’s you open PDF files.

4 . Tableau Public –

Tableau Public is also free product from Tableau but Tableau Public also provides development capabilities as compared to Tableau Reader. The downside of Tableau Public compared to Tableau Desktop is that the workbooks get saved to Tableau Public cloud which makes it highly unsuitable for business purpose. Anyone can see these workbooks. This product is suitable for people who wants to learn tableau like students, journalists with buying a paid version of Tableau.

5 . Tableau Online –

Tableau Online is similar to Tableau server but it is hosted via a third party partner of Tableau. Tableau Online provides you the advantage of cloud distribution and automatic data refreshes but it hosted off premise which can cause some security challenge for some organizations. Like Tableau server, Tableau online requires additional per user licensing even if those users already have access to Tableau Desktop.

6 . Tableau Server –

Tableau server is the most secured and has all the capabilities that the Tableau has to offer. Users can access workbooks via web browsers. Tableau server also provides the capabilities of automatic data refresh and workbooks are saved on premise on Tableau server to provides the highest level of security. Tableau Server also requires additional user licenses even if you already have Tableau Desktop license. This product is mostly suitable for big companies.

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