Difference Between Discrete and Continuous in Tableau

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Discrete vs Continuous –

There is a big misconception that blue color represents dimensions and green color represents measures. But this is not true. In Tableau, the blue color represents that a field is discrete and green color indicates that a field is continuous.

If I drag and drop sub-categories to Rows and Sales to Column, you can see that sub-category is represented by a blue color and sales is represented by green color.

Another way you can distinguish whether a field is discrete or continuous is the way it is represented when you drop a field to the colors inside the Marks card.

If I drag and drop category to the color inside the Marks card it will be represented like this. You will see different colors of the bars when a field is discrete.

But if I drag and drop sales to the color inside Marks cards, you will see a single continuous color scale.

Another way to distinguish between two is that when a field is continuous it is aggregated by some functions like SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX compared to discrete which is not.

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