How to Create a Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau

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In this post you will learn How to create a Stacked Bar Chart in Tableau.

Stacked Bar Chart –

To create a bar chart in tableau, we will use the sample superstore data. So open Tableau and click on the sample superstore data under Saved data sources.

Now to create a stacked Bar Chart, drag and drop Region to Columns and sales to Rows like shown below.

Now Drag and Drop Category to color inside Marks card. A stacked bar chart will be created.

Now, if you hover your mouse above any category it will show it’s value. But if you want to show the category and sales amount for each category, just drag and drop category and sales into the Label in the Marks Card.

Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart –

To create a Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart all you have to do is click on the swap Rows and Columns option at the top of the figure show below with red arrow.

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