Python String Method – count()

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count() method –

The count method returns the number of occurrences of a substring in a string.

Syntax –

string.count(substring, start, end)

Substring – the count of the substring that we want.

Start – starting index from where to start the search.

end – the end index of the string where the search ends.

Example –

Let’s say that we have a lyrics and we want to find out how many time any particular word occurs in that lyrics. To do that we can use the count method.

In [1]: lyrics = '''And I know you'll be ok 
   ...:             And I know you'll be ok
   ...:             And I know you'll be ok'''

In [2]: lyrics.count('ok')
Out[2]: 3

By default search starts from the beginning of the string till end. If you want, you can change that with the start and end argument.

In [3]: lyrics.count('ok', 25, 100)
Out[3]: 2

You can also count a character.

In [4]: lyrics.count('n')
Out[4]: 6

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