How to Create a Horizontal Bar Chart in Tableau

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In this post, you will learn how to create a Horizontal Bar Chart in tableau.

Horizontal Bar Chart –

To create a Horizontal Bar Chart in tableau, we will use the sample superstore dataset. Open Tableau and click on the sample superstore data under Saved data sources.

Let’s say we want to know the total sales by each category. To create a Horizontal Bar Chart drag and drop the category variable to Rows and Sales to Columns.

We have successfully created a basic Horizontal Bar chart. Let’s customize it.

Changing colors of the Bars –

To change the colors of the bars, click on color inside the Marks card and select the color that you want.

You can also change the size of bars by clicking on the size option in Marks card.

Adding Bar labels –

You can also show the labels on the bar using the Label option in Marks card. Click on Label and select show mark labels.

Rearrange Bars –

To rearrange bars in ascending and descending order use the options in the toolbar at the top of canvas.

Bars in Ascending –

Bars in Descending –

Adding another Dimension –

If you look at the superstore data, you can see that along with the category, we also have a sub-category field. You can also add this dimension to the view to segment the data.

Drag and drop the sub-category to Rows.

Vertical Bar Chart –

If you want to create a vertical bar chart, just click on the swap rows and column option in the toolbar as shown below.

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