How to Create, Save, Open and Share workbooks in Tableau

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In this post, you will learn how to create, save, open and share workbooks in tableau.

Creating a Workbook –

Let’s create a chart quickly. We will work with the tableau sample data set superstore sales.

click on the Sample superstore under Saved Data sources to open it.

Then drop the segment variable in the columns shelf and sales into the Rows shelf at the top.

Saving a workbook –

To save a workbook, click on the File menu and select Save As. There are two file type that you can choose to save a workbook in tableau.

Tableau Workbook (*.twb) –

The tableau workbook contains all the data visualizations but it does contains the data that you used to create it. When sharing a Tableau workbook to someone, you have to share the data separately.

Tableau Packaged WorkBook (*.twbx) –

Tableau packaged workbook contains all the data visualizations as well as the data that is used to create them. When using this option tableau compresses the data to reduce it’s size. Any person access to this workbook can open and work with it without having access to the original data.

Select any one of the file type, give a descriptive name and click on save.

Opening a workbook –

To open a workbook, click on the File menu and then select open. Then select the workbook and click open.

Sharing a workbook –

Anyone who have access to the workbook and open it with free Tableau Reader. Go to this link – and download it.

Although you can view the charts in Tableau reader but you can not edit the charts and data in tableau reader.

There multiple other ways to share workbooks in tableau which we will cover in our upcoming posts. Subscribe to our blog below to get the updates.

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