Maximum and Minimum value From a Dictionary in Python

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Problem –

Let’s say we have some fruits prices data.

In [33]: prices = {'banana': 20,
    ...:         'apple': 120,
    ...:         'orange':80,
    ...:         'papaya':30,
    ...:         'strawberry':130}

And we want to find Maximum or Minimum prices of the fruit along with their name from this dictionary.

Solution –

To get the maximum and minimum price along with the fruit names we can invert the keys and values of the dictionary using the zip function.

In [35]: min_price = min(zip(prices.values(), prices.keys()))

In [36]: min_price
Out[36]: (20, 'banana')

In [37]: max_price = max(zip(prices.values(), prices.keys()))

In [38]: max_price
Out[38]: (130, 'strawberry')

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