reverse in python – How to Reverse a List in Python

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In this post you will learn How to reverse a list in Python.

reverse method in python –

To reverse a list in python we can use the reverse method.

Syntax of reverse –


The reverse method does not take any arguments and does not return anything. It changes the list in place.

Reverse a List –

In [1]: companies = ['Google','Facebook','Apple','Microsoft','Amazon']

In [2]: companies.reverse()

In [3]: companies
Out[3]: ['Amazon', 'Microsoft', 'Apple', 'Facebook', 'Google']

Reverse a List using slicing in python –

If you want, you can also reverse a list using slicing in python

In [5]: companies
Out[5]: ['Amazon', 'Microsoft', 'Apple', 'Facebook', 'Google']

In [6]: companies[::-1]
Out[6]: ['Google', 'Facebook', 'Apple', 'Microsoft', 'Amazon']

Accessing a List in reverse order –

If you just want to access the elements of a list in reverse order without reversing the list itself then you can use the reversed() function.

In [7]: companies
Out[7]: ['Amazon', 'Microsoft', 'Apple', 'Facebook', 'Google']

In [8]: for company in reversed(companies):
   ...:     print(company)

In [9]: 

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