How to install Git on Mac

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Installing Git on Mac –

1 . To install Git, first go to git website – Click Here

And click on Download for Mac.

Then click on Binary Installer

Then click on Download. This will download a .dmg file

Double click the .dmg file to start the installation process. If mac does not start the process then click on system preferences in Mac and click on open anyway

Then click on continue and follow the normal procedure to install software on Mac.

To check if it is installed correctly type the following command in your terminal

git version

If installed correctly, the version of git will be printed in the terminal otherwise you will get an error. I am assuming that git is successfully installed on your machine. In the next step, we will configure git.

Configure Git –

Once you installed git, first thing you need to do is set your username and email address. Git uses these information whenever you use it. You only need to do this once.

Type the following code to set username and email. Please specify your username and email.

git config --global "brad"
git config --global

Check your settings –

To check your settings type

git config --list

This will list out all the settings that has been done so far.

To check username in git type

git config

And to check email address type

git config

Getting Help –

To get help with any command in git, you can type

git help <command>
git <command> --help

Let’s say you want help with git config command. For this you will type

git config --help

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