How to install plotly python with pip

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In this post, you will learn how to install plotly with pip.

Install plotly –

To install plotly type

pip install plotly

JupyterLab Support –

To use plotly in jupyterlab, install jupyterlab and ipywidget package using pip

pip install "jupyterlab>=3" "ipywidgets>=7.6"

You’ll need jupyter-dash to add widgets such as sliders, dropdowns, and buttons to Plotly charts in JupyterLab

pip install jupyter-dash

To start a jupyterLab type the following command

jupyter lab

Jupyter Notebook Support –

If you want to use plotly in classic jupyter notebook, then install jupyter notebook and ipywidgets using pip

 pip install "notebook>=5.3" "ipywidgets>=7.5"

To start a jupyter notebook type the following command in command line or Terminal

jupyter notebook

Static Image Export –

To export static image in plotly you need kaleido package.

Kaleido –

pip install -U kaleido 

Extended Geo Support –

Some features rely on fairly large geographic shape files. The county choropleth figure factory is one such example. These shape files are distributed as a separate plotly-geo package. This package can be installed using pip

pip install plotly-geo==1.0.0 

Chart studio support –

The chart-studio package can be used to upload plotly figures to Plotly’s Chart Studio Cloud or On-Prem services. This package can be installed using pip

pip install chart-studio==1.1.0

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