Create Pandas DataFrame from Lists.

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In this post, you will learn how to create a Pandas dataframe from a single list, from multiple lists, and from list of lists.

You have some list or list of lists and you want to convert them into a Pandas DataFrame. For example, you have some data about fruit prices in a python lists and you want to create a DataFrame like this one.

Solution –

Pandas DataFrame from a Single List –

Let’s first create a pandas DataFrame from a single list using the fruits names.

To create a DataFrame first we have to import the pandas library

# import pandas library
import pandas as pd

Then create the list.

# fruit list
fruits = ['Apple','Avocado','Banana','Coconut','Jackfruit','Orange']

Now, to turn this list into a pandas DataFrame, all we have to do is pass this list to pandas DataFrame constructor pd.DataFrame.

# create dataframe from list
df = pd.DataFrame(fruits)

Now, you can see that index is looking good but we do not have a descriptive column name. To change the column name or the index, we can pass the labels to the pd.DataFrame columns and index argument.

# create dataframe from list
df = pd.DataFrame(data=fruits, index= [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6], columns=['fruit'])

Pandas DataFrame from Multiple Lists –

Now, let’s create a pandas dataframe from multiple lists using the zip function. To create a dataframe from multiple lists we have to first zip those list and convert them into a list. Then we pass them to the pandas dataframe.

# lists
fruits = ['Apple','Avocado','Banana','Coconut','Jackfruit','Orange']
prices = [200, 200, 40, 30, 500, 70]

# create dataframe using zip and list
df = pd.DataFrame(list(zip(fruits, prices)), columns=['fruit', 'price'])

Pandas DataFrame from List of Lists –

Now, let’s create the complete dataframe using list of lists. First create the list of lists and then pass it to the pd.DataFrame.

# list of lists
fruits_data = [['Apple', '1 kg', 200],
               ['Avocado', '1 kg', 200],
               ['Banana', '1 kg', 40],
               ['Coconut', '1 piece', 30],
               ['Jackfruit', '1 piece', 500],
               ['Orange', '1 kg', 70]]

# create df from list of lists
df = pd.DataFrame(fruits_data, columns=['fruit','quantity','price'])

That’s it. We learned how to create a dataframe from a list, from more than two lists and from lists of lists.

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